Clinic Hours

Mon – Fri: 8:30 - 4:30

*Individual physician hours will vary
Call to book an appointment

Phone: 403-258-0848

Fax: 403-258-0849

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Book an Appointment

Appointments can be made in person or by phone

To speak with a receptionist please call:

Cura Family Practice Meadows Maternity and Family Practice
403-258-0848 403-252-8851
Currently Meadows Maternity is accepting low-risk obstetric patients for prenatal care with delivery at Rockyview Hospital

Regular Appointments

Patients are encouraged to book appointments with their own family physician, especially for issues related to chronic problems. However, the physicians in the clinic have a very collegial relationship, and will try to accommodate patients of other physicians for urgent matters, as necessary.

Same Day Appointments

We usually set aside a few appointments daily for acute issues. Our goal is to minimize the need for visits to walk-in or urgent care clinics. It is recommended to call earlier in the day to access these appointments. And it is kindly requested that patients do not request these appointments for non-urgent issues, including prescription refills.

Things to Keep in Mind

Please try and book for concerns as they arise. It is often challenging for physicians to address multiple issues adequately in one appointment. If you have a list of concerns that cannot be properly addressed in the booked appointment time, please be understanding if you are asked to book another appointment to allow us to thoroughly address all your issues.

We have an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) so in a situation where you end up being seen by a physician other than your regular family doctor, the physician will have access to your medical history, including medications. Additionally, your regular physician will have a record of what was discussed or done with the other physician.